Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Western Michigan

And finally I was in Kalamazoo for the game.  I managed to make it in time.  As always, these are my favorite shots...for others go to Eagle Totem.  This was pretty much a must win game for Eastern Michigan in order to have home court advantage for the first game of the MAC Tournament.
 Raven Lee going up for a basket.
 Mike Samuels getting the ball taken away as he goes for the basket.  This was mostly the story of the day.
 Mike Talley about to dish the ball off.
 Olekan Ajayi waving towels in celebration of Eastern getting the lead for the first time in the game.
 Anali Okoloji going for a layup.
 Karrington Ward about to dunk.
 Raven Lee taking a shot.
Mike Talley going for two.

Eastern ended up losing.  Mathematically, they still have a chance to get home court advantage but they have to win their two remaining games and Miami has to lose both.  Given Eastern's road record this year, if they don't get that home game, I think they are sunk.

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