Monday, March 30, 2015

From the Windsept Fields...

I decided to stop by the Ann Arbor Airport on the way home from work tonight. It was pretty windy, so I wasn't really expecting to see any planes.
 As I approached the airport, I noticed this plane getting ready to take off. It is a Piper Arrow III.
 I was pretty sure it was taking off to go somewhere and not to do touch and goes.  As I said, it was pretty windy.
 It moves into the spot to take off.
 I kind of like this sign, although I'm not sure what noise abatement for general aviation would entail.
 It starts to roll for a takeoff.
 As the plane took to the sky, the wind grabbed it a bit.  It did not look like a fun takeoff.  I followed it for a bit until I was confident it was going somewhere.
The Cessna 310 from the 50's.
This plane is known as a Lake Buccaneer and was developed in the 1950s.   It was derived from a plane called the Colonial C-2 Skimmer.  In 1959, the Lake Aircraft bought the rights.  A little over 1000 were built.

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