Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goose Fight

So my travels took me over to Gallup Park next.  I wanted to take some other pictures of things that fly.
 This seagull was just kind of flying around and that gave me a chance to get a head shot.
 There were a couple of Canada geese nearby.  While that is not particularly exciting, the next set of pictures are.
 Suddenly the geese started to take off at each other and were fighting.  Something tells me it is approaching that time of year.
 I will have to say that it made for some pretty neat pictures, as I don't think I've ever seen them fighting like this.
 He chased his opponent way.
 But just in case....
 Next a swan appeared.
 He was just swimming around though.
 I kind of like how this goose looks like he is slinking towards something.
 I don't think that something was me....
 ...but you can never be too sure.
 And finally I was treated to a mallard.
 And his mate.
Somehow, it wouldn't be a Gallup Park series from me without a plane flying overhead.  In this particular case, a Spirit Airlines Airbus 319 or 320 (not sure which).
However the moon looked pretty cool.

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