Friday, March 20, 2015

An Evening at Gallup Park

I was going to take pictures of the planes at Ann Arbor Airport tonight but they weren't cooperating with me, so I decided to head over to Gallup Park.  It was a nice enough night.
 This goose was starting to give me a little trouble but I pretty much ignored him.
 A female mallard swimming around.
 And the male was nearby.
 That same goose from the first picture.
 Another goose.
 I think this is a wood duck but I'm not sure.
 I think this is a Delta Airlines 767.
 My first robin of the year but I'm not going to call this a sign of spring.  There are some robins that stick around.  When I see more than one at a time, I will be hopeful.
 A swan heading away.  I tried to get a shot of him from the front but I was shooting into the sun.
 Wood bass?
One more Canada goose.

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