Saturday, March 14, 2015

Other Shots Around Cleveland

While I was looking for the Alpena, I had the opportunity to get some other shots around Cleveland.
 I kind of liked how the Bridge was leading into the shot of downtown.
 I decided to pull the camera out a little bit to get a more sweeping shot of the Bridge.
 An old railroad bridge.

The Cleveland skyline framed by another bridge.
 And then I decided to head over to Wendy Park. I like the view of the skyline from there.
 And I couldn't pass up on Whiskey Island.
 another shot of the skyline.
 The train bridge.  There weren't quite as many trains as I was hoping.
 Another angle of the Whiskey Island building.
 I really liked the sky.
 The Cleveland Lighthouse itself.
 More shots of the skyline.
 A pair of geese.
Just as I was about ready to leave, I heard the train horn, so I stuck around for a train shot.

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