Monday, March 9, 2015

MAC Championship Round 1

With the victory on Friday night and Miami and Ball State losses, Eastern was able to host their first game of the MAC Tournament.  We were hoping at the beginning of the season, they could have been seeded higher so that they wouldn't have to play as many games but things didn't quite work out for them.  If you would have asked me last Monday if I were going to be doing one more Eastern game after Friday, I would have probably told you it wasn't likely.  Things were looking grim after their loss in Kalamazoo but they weren't mathematically eliminated, so there were hope.

So it was one more trip to the Convocation Center for this season.  As always, these are my favorite shots from the game, for the rest go to Eagle Totem.
 Of all the times I've been there, I don't think I've posted many pictures of the Convocation Center itself.  It's actually not a bad looking building although it looks like many arenas.
 The entrance has a little character though.
 The sun setting on the flags.
 Another angle of the entrance.  I kind of like this view.
 The ticket window.  Despite the appearances, there were actually quite a few people at the game tonight.
 The Eastern Michigan Athletic Hall of Fame.
 A shot of Rynearson Stadium.
 A shot before the game.
 Mike Talley trying to work his way around the defense.  He had a decent night.
 Olalekan Ajayi celebrating after a three pointer.
 Tonight's hero was Raven Lee.  He put quite a few points on the board, including the three pointer that would send it to overtime.
 This was probably favorite shot during the game.
And my favorite shot of game. Eastern managed to come back from a 12 point deficit to win the game in overtime.  Excitement was all around.

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