Sunday, November 14, 2021

Catching the Isadora

 I was hoping to catch more ships but as I said in the last post, I passed two of them on the way to catch the Barker.  After getting pictures of the Barker, I headed back to Port Huron.  The one ship was already well onto Lake Huron.  The other was at the mouth of the river, so I knew I wasn't going to catch her.

The Isadora was about an hour out when I arrived at the park.
I'm not sure where she was heading down from because that is gone from Marine Traffic.  It currently shows her origin port as Port Colborne but I know that is not correct.
She is heading up to Les Ecoumins which is up in the mouth of the St Lawrence River.
I am guessing, she is going to pick up something there before heading back to Poland.
At any rate, I think it's cool when I see salties.
For the most part, it seems like Polish Steamship takes care of their ships.
I just see the usual wharf scraping but they are usually painted pretty well.
She makes the turn for the rest of the St Clair River.
And then I switched to my drone.
It was a little windy out but the sun was pretty nice.  I didn't realize this was proceeding today's weather.
I wish I would have gotten my drone a little higher but it was yelling at me.
A beam shot.
And she continues on.
According to Marine Traffic, she will be at her destination on Wednesday.  If she left from Duluth, that means her trip is about 5 days long.  If she is going to her foreign port, that is roughly 2 weeks.

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