Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Wolverine by any Other Name

 So on Sunday, I didn't see much river traffic and I was about to do something else and then I saw that the Robert S. Pierson was heading upbound.  The weather wasn't the greatest but it was fairly warm so I didn't have to worry about the roads as much.

The Robert S. Pierson has just delivered stone to Detroit and she was heading back up to one of the stone ports.  I think she was heading to Calcite but I don't really remember.
If she was heading to Calcite, she would be picking up more stone for somewhere else.
There have been quite a few ships unloading stone at the foot of the Gordie Howe Bridge, so she might be coming back for that.
At any rate, she is kind of a favorite of mine because she used to be known as the Wolverine.
She's also one of the River class ships that looks like a warship.
I think she looks pretty sleek.
She continues up the river.
And almost stern shot.
More of a stern shot showing off her home port of Port Dover.
I headed up to Marysville next.
I figured that since I was just going to catch one ship, I might as well catch her at different spots.
The weather improved a little bit but I can't launch the drone here because it is considered as a control zone.
It was brightening up at least.
She continues up the river.
Passing the chemical plant.
One more shot before moving on.
And then I headed up to Port Huron because I wanted to get shots with my drone and I could use it there.
The sun was starting to come out and sadly there wasn't anything coming down.
The bow shot.
She turns to leave the river.
One more shot before switching to my drone.
And I was able to get my drone up but I had to straighten the shots because I forgot to adjust the gimbal.
The pictures looked pretty nice even if the ship didn't.
She passes the drone.
She needs a little paint work but I don't think she goes in for her five year inspection for another two years.  I think the shipping companies like to wait until the ships are in for their five year inspection because they are already dry docked.
But it shows character.
I love the wake.
She passes by.
And she heads into Lake Huron.
I switched to my other camera to catch her as she was leaving.  The light was just right and would have been perfect for a downbound ship, if one existed.

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