Sunday, November 14, 2021

The James R. Barker Passes Marysville

 So yesterday, I was thinking about heading down to Ohio to get some pictures of covered bridges but I had to take care of some other stuff, so I got kind of a late start.  As I looked at my phone, I saw that there were a few ships coming down.  So I decided to head up to Port Huron.

As I arrived at Port Huron, I saw the Barker passing under the Blue Water Bridge, so I knew I wouldn't be catching her in Port Huron.
So I headed down to Marysville because I would have time to catch her  there.  As I headed down to Marysville, I passed two of the ships that I was hoping that I would be able to catch.
At any rate, the Barker was heading down to the St Clair Power Plant.
She was heading from the Midwest Energy Terminal in Superior, Wisconsin.
She was carrying a load of low sulfur coal.  The coal that the ships get in Superior is the low sulfur coal that is mined in Wyoming.
It is taken by train from Wyoming to Superior.  In Superior is picked up by ships like the Barker.
I think there are at least two loads for St Clair in a week.
But DTE Energy announced they were closing St Clair by 2024.  Which leaves only a couple of coal fired power plants on the Great Lakes.
One of the reasons that they use low sulfur coal was to mitigate the acid rain that is happening on the East Coast as a result.
They are going away from coal plants because of pollution and they are nasty emitters of greenhouse gases.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get the beam shot because she was too close.
But I do like the pilothouse shots.
And she passes by.
She continues down the St. Clair River and will be at her destination in about an hour from this picture.

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