Thursday, November 4, 2021

The James R. Barker Makes an Appearance

 I had one more ship.  I went down to Marine City because I thought I would cut down on the time to catch her.  That didn't work, so I was back at St Clair.

The James R. Barker was in Toledo.  I think she was delivering iron to the new iron mill there.
I didn't think I would catch her on her return trip but it turns out that she had to stop for fuel.
It seems like more ships have been stopping for fuel this year.  I wonder if they using less fuel to carry more cargo.
With the lake levels where they are, I can imagine the ships trying make hay while the sun shines.
I think she was heading back up to either Duluth or Two Harbors.
She heading down to Indiana Harbor as I type this.  That means she is loaded with taconite.
She is delivering to the steel mill there.
One more shot with my normal camera.
I had to get drone shots.
One thing I like about drone shots is that it makes the 1000 footers look that much bigger.
She continues one her way.
I think this is my favorite angle.
The beam shot.
One more sort of beam shot.
She heads up the river.
A stern shot before heading on my way.  It also seems like river traffic is down this year.  I haven't had as many multi-ship days as in the past.

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