Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Eldean Covered Bridge

 After passing through the Ohio countryside, I got on I-75 around Blue Lick, Ohio.  And then I headed south.

My first covered bridge was the Eldean Covered Bridge near Troy, Ohio.  It is located in Miami County Ohio.
It spans the Great Miami River and is part of Eldean Road.
The Bridge was built in 1860 and is known as a Long truss because it was designed by Stephen Long.
It is 224 feet long and that makes it the longest example of this type that still survives.  There was a longer bridge in New York but it collapsed.
The road this was on was to provide service to the Miami and Erie Canal to the west.
In 1975, it was designated in the National Historic Register of Places and in 2016, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark.
And then I took to my drone.  There was a warning about a detention facility nearby but I was still in a good zone.
It is kind of cool getting pictures of these from the air.
Looking down from the Great Miami River
I kind of like this shot with the reflection.
From the other side.
Another angle.
One more before moving on.

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