Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Munson on a Wintery Day

 It's amazing what a difference a day makes.  I was thinking that I would go down to Ohio to see if I could find some covered bridges that are west of the Dayton area.  The weather had other plans for me.  When I woke up it was snowing but I looked at the weather and it didn't look like it would be too bad all day.  I looked at Marine Traffic and I saw that the Munson was heading down.  I also saw that the Michipicoten was already unloading on the Rouge River.  I knew I wouldn't be able to catch her but I knew I could catch the Munson.  So I headed up to St Clair because I figured that's where I would catch her.

It was still a little blustery as I got there.  The river was warmer than the air and that made for some bit of fog hovering over the river.
And I think that situation makes for cool pictures even if you can't see the ship very well.
Of course as the ship got closer, it was easier to see.
The weather as I arrived in St. Clair was too nasty, so I decided to pass on my drone here.
Gave me a chance to play with my other lens.
And the pictures were pretty cool, I think.
The beam shot.
A shot of her pilot house.  I kind of like this one too with the layer of sea steam at the bottom.
And a shot of her deckhouse.
She continues on down the river.
So then I decided to head over to Marine City.  The weather cleared up a little bit.
You can see the James R. Barker in the background.  She was unloading coal at the St. Clair Power Plant.
She starts to turn for this part of the river.
Giving me a bowshot, if a little out of focus.
Like I said, it was a little clearer here, so that made for better pictures.
She continues on.
I think this might be my favorite.
Or maybe this one.
Anyway, she continued on her way.
She was coming down from Calcite.  Calcite is pretty close to Rogers City and is one of the largest quarries in the world.  It is fairly busy.
She was heading down to Detroit.  I think she was heading to the dock that is sandwiched between the Boblo Docks and Mistersky.
And after this shot, I decided to switch to my drone.
It wasn't too windy but it was a still a little on the snowy side.  So I kept my drone close.
But it made for nice pictures and there was still that blue on the river.

She gives me the beam shot.
And she passes.
I decided to do one more shot with my drone to get the lighthouse.
Since I was only catching one ship, I headed down to Algonac.
I kind of like the pictures here better.  The back shore is obscured by the weather.
And the ship is still fairly clear.
And she starts to pass.
I kind of like this shot.

She gives me the beam shot.

And she passes by.  In about 2 and a half hours from this picture, she would be at her dock.

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