Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Evening at the Zoo

Through July and August, the Zoo is open until 8:00 on Wedesdays. Since tonight was the last Wednesday in August, this would be my last chance to catch some evening pictures at the Zoo (or so I thought, it seems they are open until 8:00 this weekend). It wasn't too bad of a night weather wise, so I decided to stop at the Zoo.

For the most part, I like to use the zoo as a chance to take pictures since I can get pictures of animals I wouldn't be able to take pictures of otherwise. I think the Detroit Zoo is pretty good for that since the habitats are pretty close to being natural as you can get. Of course, sometimes that makes it difficult to get pictures of some of the animals, but I'll accept the trade off.
They try to plant some pretty cool flowers at the Zoo. This one is no exception. Although I'm not sure what kind of flower it is.
I believe this is a vulture of some sort.
This is a condor, I believe.
A camel of some sort. I get the two types confused.
A group of chimpanzees. I thought it was pretty neat to watch these guys for a while. The Detroit Zoo has a pretty nice enclosure for the chimps and gorillas. I'm not sure how many acres it covers but there is quite a bit of ground. I think it gives the chance for the animals to behave a little more naturally.
A mother chimp and her baby. I'm going to guess this one is fairly young.
One of the chimps enjoying dinner.
One of the peacock. Yes, definately not a partridge, not sure what I was thinking there.
A Lion Tailed Monkey. I forget the exact name though.
This was the moment I was waiting for. All summer they have been working on the lion enclosure and it looked pretty cool the last time I was there. They finally have the lions back in it. Unfortunately, being cats, they were doing what cats do best.
The male lion seems to have the look of, "Yeah, we were 0 and 16...but this year we may be contenders."
Fire Millen. Oh wait, he's already fired....good.
A rhino. A little known fact...rhinos are the fire marshalls of Africa (kudos if you know the origin of that phrase).
A pair of zebras.
The giraffe.
It was beginning to look like it would be my next strike out on seeing the wolverine awake. He was sleeping in the corner. He woke up long enough for me to take this picture.
Enough of that crap about the Buckeyes...Football season is almost here.
It might be a tough one...I need a little more sleep.
I was also happy to see the grizzlies out and about.
The Czech's in the male...Get it? Hahaha...
You know if that wall wasn't there...
My lines.
The prairie dog exhibits are pretty cool too.
I kind of liked the pose of this one.
An Elk. Or is that Anne Elk?
And of course the eagle. I don't think he ever sleeps.
I kind of like this pose.
But I think I like this one a little better.
Also on Wednesdays, they have music.
These guys were pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

The flower is a Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus). They grow well in MI (I have several planted in my backyard in A2.