Friday, August 5, 2011

Some More Shots of the Ren Cen

One of the things that I like about Belle Isle is that is presents a nice view of Downtown Detroit. You almost get a full view of the skyline. One of the other reasons I decided to head to Belle Isle was because the sky looked interesting.
I think I really like this shot. The gray clouds and the sun to the side. The city almost shadowed.
Another shot of the skyline.
I just wanted the Ren Cen in a shot but I had packed my other lens. So I got this shot. I still kind of like it though.
I kind of wish I had been on Belle Isle sooner while these flowers were still in bloom. I still think this is a pretty neat shot and with the slight haze to the buildings, I almost has a painting like quality.
Another shot, this time the sun is a little lower and sky a little more golden.
More of the skyline.
As I was leaving, I decided to take a couple pictures of the Ren Cen. Unfortunately the light was waning, so this might be a little blurry.
I really like this shot.

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