Friday, August 5, 2011

A Heron on Belle Isle

Well at least I think it is a heron. I'd seen this a couple times before but was never able to get to a place where I could take a picture. Last night as I was on the island, I noticed a couple in that pond across from the fountain, so I walked over to get a closer shot.
I am constantly amazed by what I find on Belle Isle. I think one of the days I was shipwatching, I saw a couple loons. Now this.
I was actually amazed at how close it allowed me to approach. I kind of liked this shot. Reminds me of a picture that a friend of mine had. It had a crane with a frog in its mouth. The caption was, "Never give up".
This was just before he took off.
One more shot. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough light for the flight.

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