Friday, August 12, 2011

Jefferson Avenue - Wyandotte

Next on my tour was the town of Wyandotte. It looked alot nicer than Trenton. It was a little more residential and probably more decidedly Middle Class. Jefferson Avenue turns into Biddle Avenue through Wyandotte. I think it's name changed back at the border.Wyandotte is the proper name for the Huron Tribe. This is a totem pole which I thought was pretty neat.
I think if I were hungrier, I would have stopped here.
One of the buildings that I like are churches. Although this one didn't seem special.
This was at a pretty nice little park in Wyandotte.
I thought this memorial was pretty cool. It had a likeness of a Purple Heart on the base. The Purple Heart is the oldest medal in the United States and is awarded to military people that are wounded or killed in combat. It has a likeness of George Washington on it.
This was part of a World War I memorial.

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