Monday, August 29, 2011

The Orsula

So I decided to go shipwatching yesterday. According to boatnerd there were two ships coming down the Detroit River. I didn't pictures of either of them, so I decided to go down. I decided to do my shipwatching at the Riverside Park because I kind of like that spot a little better than Belle Isle (for shipwatching...otherwise it's not a nice park). Anyways, I got a bonus ship.Coming upbound was the Orsula. I don't have many details about her.
She is a general cargo ship that was originally constructed as the Federal Calumet in 1996.
Her name was changed to the Orsula in 1998.
She is 656 feet long.
It was kind of cool because I got a bonus yesterday of seeing the mail boat. I didn't expect to see the mail boat since it was a Sunday. More about that in one of my next posts.
Here you can see the full length of the Orsula.
I tried to tighten on the superstructure.
The mailboat still at the side.
Getting closer to the Ambassador Bridge.
Passing under the Bridge.
On the other side of the Bridge.
Moving on to wherever.

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