Monday, August 29, 2011

The Saguenay

One of the ships I was planning to see was the Saguenay. I believe this is a debut appearance for her on Michigan Exposures. Unfortunately, I don't have too many details about her.
Here she is passing by Belle Isle. I'm not quite sure where she is relation to the island.
A shot with the Ren Cen in the background.
Here she is in her almost full glory. She is about 730 feet long and can carry a little over 35,000 tons of cargo.
She is owned by the Canadian Steamship Lines. Not quite sure when she was constructed though. Judging by the shape, I would say the 70's.
Here she is passing under the Ambassador Bridge.
A closeup shot of her superstructure.
A closer shot of that.
Here she is heading down the Detroit River. I believe she was calling on port somewhere downriver.
She's not a bad looking ship.
And she sails on....

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