Friday, August 12, 2011

Jefferson Avenue - Rouge River

Next up was the town of Rouge River which oddly enough crosses the River Rouge. River Rouge is definately a much more industrial town than many of the towns I passed through today. It is pretty much covered with steel mills and other types of factories. I kind of which I would have stopped by one called the Alkali Factory. Oh well.
I think my surprise of the day was seeing the Cason Callaway unloading at one of the docks. Especially since the bridge that crosses the River was so close. I don't think I will get a view like this for a while.
I know I say this alot but it bears repeating, I do like the lines of the lake freighters. I really like the reflection in the water in this picture.
I got to get multiple angles of the ship.
Almost a head on bow shot.
I think I like this one the best.
The bridge that crosses the River. Like many of the things along this part of Jefferson, it has seen better days.
As I was taking pictures of the ship, I heard a train whistle and got to get this shot.

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