Thursday, August 11, 2011

Barton Dam in August

It is hard to believe that this is the 8th set in my 12 month series of Barton Dam. Wow, time flies when you have fun. Anyways, it still doesn't seem too long ago that there was ice on the river and snow on the ground. Pretty soon the green will be transitioning to oranges, yellows and reds and again into white. But for now, I'm fine with the greens and warm weather.
Even thought this is a very utilitarian structure, I like the looks of it. The tall windows almost give it a cathedral effect.
Unfortunately, a couple parts of the dam are off, so I don't get the full waterfall effect.
As usual, shot at a lower shutterspeed to get the motion effect. Unfortunately, this is about as slow as I can get.
Trying to get more of the water in the picture. But a nice set of colors I think.
This one may be a little overexposed, I think. But I still like it.
Looking down the bank of falls.
Just another angle.
At a faster shutter speed.
Another one at a faster shutter speed.
I thought I had one of my slower shots for this, but I do like this one. It looks like a set of beads or something.
This is from a slow shutter speed. You can feel the motion of the water.
And this is faster, you can see the droplets of water stopped.
I really like the churning of the water in this one.
Again, another comparison between the different shutter speeds.
One of my favorite subjects...sort of.
The sad part about this time of year is that the flowers are starting to go away. But this is Queen Anne's Lace.
A shot through the trees.
And a shot of the mighty Huron River.
I like this picture but there is something missing...namely the Wolverine. I would like to thank Norfolk-Southern for downgrading their track. You guys rock. Although I read today that they are finally fixing the track and the Amtrak should be back up to speed in September.

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