Sunday, August 28, 2011

In N' Out Burger Again...

One of the places I like to go when I'm in California is In-N-Out Burger (if you get to this page because you are looking for one in Michigan...sorry to disappoint you but take a look at my blog anyway). They make the burgers fresh and the fries are fresh cut as well. Although you kind of have to hurry up eating them, they get cold quickly.
The sign in front of the building.
This was taken at lunchtime, it gets pretty busy.The famous crossed palms in front of the restaurant. I think they have these in front of every restaurant.
The menu is pretty simple but you can order variations on the burgers. I always get animal style which is with grilled onions.
Just a flower.
Looking at the side of the building.
And a shot of the front. I'm not sure if they have a standard design for the buildings but they have that nice burger place look.

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