Friday, August 5, 2011

Blimpy Burger

Another place I haven't been to in a long time is Blimpy Burger. I don't know why as I usually enjoy it. So I decided to head there tonight.
Blimpy Burger has been around since 1953, so there are a couple generations of Ann Arborites that have eaten here. It is a pretty good place. In the warmer months, there is a little porch to the side where you can eat.
I'm not sure who Krazy Jim is but oh well.
Their slogan is "cheaper than food". I'm not sure that's quite true as their prices have gone up a bit since I first started going there but it's not too bad.
One of the nice things about Blimpy Burger is the selection of pops they have. They have the normal brands but as you can see they also have some off brands. They also have a fountain machine.
The menu is fairly straight forward but there is a procedure to eating at Blimpy Burger. The hamburger is ground freshly every day and the patties are a tenth of a pound. There is a pretty decent selection of buns too. They have all sorts of vegetables for the fryer.
As I said above, there is a way to ordering at Blimpy. First you grab a tray. Everyone that is eating has to have his or her own tray. When you are asked, you say what you want from the deep fryer.
Then you say how many patties you want for your burger and also what kind of bun. They have regular buns, kaiser rolls, onion rolls and pumpernickel. As I said they are a tenth of a pound each, so 3 makes roughly a quarter pound. Then you say if you want anything grilled. They will grill salami, eggs (which is surprisingly good on a burger), bacon, onions and yellow peppers. After the burger cooks a bit, they will ask you what kind of cheese you want. For this, they have cheddar, American, provolone, swiss and bleu cheese (again surprisingly pretty good).
After your burger is roughly done, they will ask you what condiments you want. They have all sorts of them. I believe there are a million combinations of burgers.
So that's Blimpy Burgers. Hope you enjoyed the description.

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