Saturday, August 13, 2011

The J.W. Westcott in Action

The other night, I posted about the J.W. Westcott II. She is the boat that delivers mail out to the passing ships. She has her own Zip Code. One of the advantages of watching the ships from Riverside Park is that I got to see her in action. And I will have to admit it was pretty cool because I also got to hear the ship horns.
As soon as the ship is a short distance away, the Westcott pulls out of her dock and almost makes a beeline towards her.
She turns a little bit to get a better angle on the ship. This is all being done while the ship is moving.
She pulls up along side of the ship.
A rope is dropped from the ship and the mail package is pulled up. A horn from the Westcott to announce she is pulling away and then a horn from the ship to acknowledge.
She heads back to the dock. Well in this case, there was another ship following behind fairly closely, so she kind of circled.
Here she is pulling away from the next ship.
Heading back to the dock.
One more parting shot.

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