Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The J.W. Westcott I.I.

My friend was mentioning a place on the Detroit River where you could run across a boat that would deliver mail and other supplies to the passing lake ships. Little did we realize, we would run across it. Unfortunately, it was closed but I might have to check it out again.The J.W. Westcott I.I. is the mail boat. It can deliver mail to any of the passing ships on the Detroit River and is the only floating post office in the world.
The Westcott Company was founded in 1874 by Captain J.W. Westcott who ferried supplies to passing vessels via rowboat. By 1949, the Paasch Marine Service was commissioned to build the above boat and it was named in honor of the founder. Any mail can be passed to a ship by addressing as "Vessel Name, Marine Post Office, Detroit, MI 48222". The 48222 zip code is exclusive to the above boat.

In 2010, this boat was sank and two crew members were killed but the boat was salvaged and is in service again.

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