Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Robert S. Pierson Again

Next up was the Robert S. Pierson. She is another ship that has appeared on this blog before, so I wont go into much detail on her.
Here she is heading downriver. In the background, you can see the MacArthur Bridge. It is odd looking at it from this angle as I'm used to seeing it more up close.
Another shot as she gets closer.
You can see the mailboat waiting to deliver cargo to her.
Here the mailboat is at her side.
A shot with the Ambassador Bridge in the background.
Another shot with the Ambassador Bridge in the background. One of the things I like about the Detroit River is just how blue it is.
A close up of the superstructure.
Here she is going further downriver.
Here she is turning around to pull into a stone dock on the Windsor side.
She is almost turned around.
Here she is pulling into the dock.
Pulled up to the dock and unloading her cargo.

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Christopher List said...

How long did it take to turn around, dock and start unloading?