Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Corn Hill

It looked like it was going to be nasty tonight so I wasn't sure if I was going to get out or not, hence the last post. But as I left work and saw that it stopped raining and looked up at the sky, I thought it would be a good night for shipwatching. So I ended up going out with a friend and he showed me a park on the other side of Detroit. I'd never been in that part of the area before.
I didn't think there would be any ships as I looked on boatnerd and they didn't have any traffic on the river. Sometimes they will miss the ships going upbound, so I thought mayber there would be a chance. There was this ship and a ship docked at Zug Island (now I know where Zug Island is). I didn't see any going up the river though.
This ship is the Corn Hill and is operated by a company in Turkey. It was constructed in 1986 and is registered in Malta. Unfortunately, I don't have much more information about her.
She is powered by a 6000 horsepower engine and is 370 feet long. She can carry a little under 10,000 tons of cargo.
As I said, the sky was kind of neat.
I had another shot from this angle but something happened on the exposure.

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