Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Fun Time at the Maritime Center

They had some musicians playing at the Maritime Center today.  I stuck around for a couple of acts because I needed to take of laundry and stuff.
 The first person I saw was a guy named Jimmy Zimmer.  He was pretty good and had a pretty good voice.
 Next was a group called the Barones.  They are a family act.  I just loved the looks of this hat.
 The trio.  The guy on the right played the ukelele for a couple of songs.
The last act I saw was a person named Larry James.  Apparently, he had a couple hits with a band in the 80's.  He's been on Sunday Mornings with Pam Rossi a couple of times.  He's pretty much doing acoustic stuff and sounded pretty good for what I heard.

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