Friday, December 14, 2012

Wandering Around Detroit

I was up in Troy today.  This morning I thought that the Mapleglen would be passing by Detroit and she is a ship that I've not seen before, so I stopped there before continuing on.
 It seems like everytime I think that I'm going to see a new ship, said new ship decides to stop at the Sterling Fuel Docks.  Such was the case this time, so I leave you with a sunrise shot of the Ambassador Bridge.
 My stuff up in Troy done, I was heading home and I saw that the Roger Blough would be passing Detroit, so of course I had to stop down there again.  Also, there was some sort of event at the Conservatory and Aquarium.  When I got down to Belle Isle, I was suprised at how calm the River was.  I don't usually see it this calm.  I also kind of wish I would have taken some shots to show how low it was as well. 
 The sun was setting as the Blough was starting to pass but I still liked the looks of the skyline.
 I moved to another spot and I liked the view of the skyline from there.
Of course my favorite view of the Detroit skyline is the one that I get where the MacArthur Bridge is in the front.

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