Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Morning with the Algosteel

I decided to head up to Port Huron today to meet a friend and there was something going on at the Maritime Center.  I wasn't exactly sure about the shipping situation, so I decided to take M-29 up just in case.  Although I missed the one downbound ship that I was hoping to catch.  I must have passed her somewhere that I couldn't see the river because when I checked, she was a ways down the river and I didn't want to turn around to catch her.  It was the Atlantic Huron...oh well.
 As I was coming up to St. Clair, I saw the Algosteel, so I decided to stop at the park there to catch a couple pictures of her.  She is definately one of my favorite boats, I just wish she didn't have the ugly self-unloader in the back.
 The park itself was decorated for Christmas.  I hoped to catch that in the picture but it didn't quite turn out.  Hopefully I can try one more time before Christmas.
 One of the things that I like about shooting along the St. Clair River is that the backgrounds are relatively clear.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 And she continues on to Port Huron and beyond.
 After I got to the Maritime Center, I was able to catch a couple more pictures of her.  I'm not a fan of stuff in the back of ships but I guess without that stuff there wouldn't be the ships.
 And a relatively clear shot.
 And a shot of her deckhouse.  I kind of wish I had taken my zoom out with me...could use some detailed shots.
And one more shot of her moving on.