Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Foggy Day on the River

Yesterday, on the suggestion of a friend, I ended up doing something different from what I normally do.  But first a little bit of the familiar.  As I was leaving the apartment, it was pretty foggy and I saw that there was a ship coming up the Detroit River.  So I decided before heading to the different thing, I'd head down to Detroit.
I thought the fog was starting to lift but it seemed to get worse as we got closer to the River.  I don't often have foggy shots because I'm usually not up that early.  So it was kind of cool.
 I went for another angle.  I'd imagine if I were a little closer, you might be able to see more.
 Then I pulled out for a shot of the River.
 I'm sure the fog shrouded Ambassador Bridge is a metaphor for something.  Even though Proposal 6 was not passed, I'm sure the future for the new Bridge is still murky.
And one shot of Windsor.

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