Monday, December 10, 2012

The Saginaw River in Winter

So I was up at my mom's again this weekend.  My normal way to get there is US-23 to I-75 to River Road.  Occasionally I will get lucky and see a ship on the River although lately I've been seeing an eagle.  Plus it is usually a pretty nice brief drive.
 For all the times I've passed the River, I've never really taken a picture of the River itself.
 The River itself is formed by the confluence of the Titabawasee and Shiawassee Rivers at the Southwest of Saginaw.  It is approximately 22 miles long and is one of the few navigable rivers in the State.  There is still some deal of shipping traffic but not quite as much as there used to be.  Sadly because of the industry along the river itself and the rivers that feed it, it is quite polluted.
I kind of liked the look of this branch on the side of the River.

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