Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wayne County Lightfest - 2012

I wish I could find a little more history about the Wayne County Lightfest but there is very little in terms of the history.  I just know that it has been going on for as long as I've lived in this area (and that's quite a while).    This is only my second time going though.  I was going to go last year but there was severe flooding along Hines Drive when I could go and I never got a chance to go again.  I went the year before and it was pretty cool.
 The traffic wasn't quite as bad this year.  I'm guessin that it's a function of the night I picked.  Last time it seemed like the only lightfest was the brake lights of the cares waiting in line.  At anyrate, this where you go and pay.  It's only $5, so it's not too bad.
 A little better shot of the entrance.  This year, I decided to stop the car and get out at a couple of places.  I think it made for better pictures, although if you look closely enough you can see a little bit of blur.
 In case you didn't realize where Wayne County was.  I guess if I had one complaint about this, it's that they don't change the displays all that much.  But it is still pretty cool and according to their website it is the largest display in the Midwest.  But given that so many cities are cutting back or eliminating displays like this, that's not saying much.
 Also according to the website, there are over one million bulbs in the displays and it streches over 4.5 miles of Hines Drive.
 The arch is pretty cool.  There's another arch a little later in the display that moves.
 It is a holdiay display, so here's a menorah.
 The displays on the overpasses are pretty cool too.
 And it wouldn't be a Christmas display without a manger.
 And nothing quite says Christmas like a velociraptor.
 Or a closeup of a velociraptor.  This was definately an advantage of getting out.
 It almost looks like Santa blowing wind but I think it's random Mr. Winter guy.
 And nothing really says Christmas like a veliciraptor getting lunch.
 And a brachisaur.
 A closeup of him.
 One of the cool aspects is that some of the displays are semianimated.  Here is a penguin jumping into a pool.
 He slides down a little more.
 A little more....
 And splash.
 Another Santa and one of the sponsors.
 Unfortunately, a picture doesn't do this tree justice.  The lights change and look pretty cool.
 A dragon and a princess' tower.
 Another one of the displays that goes over the road.
 Somehow this display made me think Michigan.
 And so did this one.
 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a train picture.  Sadly, no freighters.
 I guess this sort of counts as a plane though.
 Another idyllic Michigan type scene.
 Either Santa is waving to the duck or shooting it, I'm not sure.
 I really like how this one turned out.
 This one not so much.
 And Happy Holidays to my readers.
 We can only hope.
 This is another display that pictures don't do justice to.
As they thanked us for visiting, I thank you for visiting.


rev.wendy said...

Very nice post...
thank you for sharing your time and effort....

Pater said...

Nice pictures. Kent County used to have a light fest at Fifth Third Ball Park in Grand Rapids.

Unknown said...

We have gone every year since my children have been little. I'm not sure what happened this year. Things were a little all over the place & lots of darkness with no displays. This is the first year that was a little disappointing.

Unknown said...
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