Friday, December 14, 2012

Detroit for the Holidays

So my last set of pictures was as I was heading home.  I decided to briefly stop downtown to get some shots of the area lit up.
 The Ren Cen looks pretty cool at night, especially if some of the offices are lit up.
 This looked pretty cool too.  It is the One Woodward building.  As I said before, this was used as a sort of prototype for the World Trade Center.
 Campus Martius looked really nice.  Sadly, they were resurfacing the ice, so I didn't see any skaters.
 I kind of wish they had done more with the Guardian Building.
 I really love the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at night.
 Campus Martius from another angle.
 Another angle of the monument.
 As I was rounding the park, I caught a glimpse of this.  Fortunately the light was red for me.
 Another angle.  Sadly, the lightpole was in the way.
 As I was heading back to Jefferson, I saw the Spirit of Detroit.  I really liked the shadows on the back wall.
 This was a little blurrier than I would have liked.
And I end it with how I began...the Ren Cen.

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rev.wendy said...

This is nice. I have never been down there and this was a nice little tour.
Made me want to experience it even more!