Monday, December 10, 2012

The Kurt R. Luedtke in the Saginaw River

So the reason I stopped on the Saginaw River was to take a picture of tugboat.  I don't normally get to take pictures of them because I don't normally get to see them.
 The tug in question was the Kurt R. Luedtke which is owned by Luedtke Engineering.
 This particular tug is at least the second one with name (as far as I can tell) and was born as the Jere C at the Lockport Shipyard in Louisiana.
 This is 72 feet long and can carry 95 tons of cargo.
 I do like the looks of a classic tug.  I'm glad she doesn't have the raised pilothouse.
 I believe she is carrying a barge from the dredging or something.
 She carries the barge up the river.
 One more shot.
As I was heading home, I caught her on the River again.

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