Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Shots Around Port Huron

So I did a little more wandering around Port Huron than I normally do.  These are some of the pictures that don't really fit into the other categories that I used.  I kind of like how the rain caused reflections on the ground.

In 1814, Fort Gratiot was established at the base of Lake Huron and was the first Euro-American population center in this area.  Port Huron itself was established in 1857 and grew rapidly due to the lumber and shipbuilding industries there.  In 1871, significant portions of the city were burnt to the ground.  This was in the same year as the Chicago fire.  The city was rebuilt after that (obviously).
 Looking down the street I come into town on.  You can see the Bluewater Bridge in the background.
 This is the Studio 1219 art gallery.  I'm not sure about the origins of the building though.  I thought it was a pretty cool looking building at any rate.
 An old diner.  It looks like it is for sale.
 This is the anchor from the John Martin in International Flag Park.   The ship sank just outside of Port Huron.
 A Canadian flag in the park.  There is a matching set across the river in Sarnia.
 A sculpture in the park.
 The Thomas Edison Depot Museum.  This is where he worked as a telegraph operator.
 Looking down the St. Clair River from the Blue Water Bridge.
 The walk along the river.
 The Ladies of the Maccabes building in Port Huron.  It was constructed in 1906.  They were part of a religious organization.
 Not sure what building this is though.
 This used to be the Harrington Hotel.  It was built in 1896 and closed in 1986 but was converted to senior citizen housing.  I thought it was a pretty neat looking building.  The splotches on the building are due to the raindrops on the lens.
 In the days before refridgerators, people used to have to get ice from places like this.  I think this building is now used for housing.
 A row of buildings in Port Huron.
 The Port Huron Yacht Club building.
 An old railroad depot.  Based on its proximity to the bridge, I think it used to be a Pere Marquette Depot.
 Another angle.
The Maritime Center.

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