Monday, December 3, 2012

A Short View of Cleveland

I decided to stop in Cleveland before heading back home.  I was hoping to get a different view of downtown Cleveland than the one I got last time.  Sadly, I couldn't find a decent spot, so I ended up back at Whiskey Island.
 However, I think the setting sun view is a little better than the one I had last time.
 The Coast Guard Station looks the same except for the part of not being able to get any closer to it.  Appparently, the major storms in Cleveland damaged the path that leads to the station.
 But I guess this view isn't too bad.  I hope that they will be able to fix the path, because I wouldn't mind getting some more pictures of this gem.
 Since there is an airport nearby, I had to go for the trifecta (plane, ship and train picture).  Not sure what kind of plan this is, but it's a plane so it will do.
 Sadly, the light was waning, so the train may be a little blurry...but I guess that shows speed.
 The trail of coal cars behind it and a slightly different view of downtown Cleveland.  I love the looks of that building to the right.
 Another angle of the train bridge.  As we were leaving, I heard the horns going off...but I couldn't get a shot of the boat going through.
 Behind the park is a rail yard.  I think the bridge on the right is similar to the bridge in Port Huron.
 And another plane.
 Another angle of the bridge.
 Another train passing by.  It's amazing how many trains go through here.
And a helicopter passed overhead.  I love the blur on the rotors.

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