Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moving Again With the Spruceglen

I was hoping to catch the Spruceglen under the Bluewater Bridge but as I was heading that way, I saw that she had already passed.  So I headed back to the Maritime Center for a couple of quick shots.
 It's amazing that I've only seen her once before.  And she was sporting a black hull at that time.  I'll have to say, she does look pretty nice in red.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 She spent some time on the oceans.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 And she heads down the St. Clair River.
 After I finished taking pictures at the Maritime Center, I decided to head back home.  I was able to catch her again near Marysville.
 And this time, she had a visitor and said hello to her.
And one more shot before moving onto the next boat.

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