Saturday, December 29, 2012

U.S. Air Force Museum - the Korean War

The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1953 and started when North Korea invaded South Korea.  Because of the Soviet delegation leaving because of a previous incident, there was noone to veto UN intervention in North Korea.  It didn't see too much advancement in aviation technology but it did see the first jet to jet combat.
 This is the C-124 Globemaster and represented the first heavy lift cargo plane of the US Air Force.  It had clamshell doors on the front (and you used to be able to go up in it).  It saw first service in 1950 and was used in the Korean War.
 This is a Sikorsky UH-19 Chicksaw and was used quite extensively for air rescue.  During the Korean War it was used for medical evacuation.
 The famous MiG-15.  It was designed by the Mikoyan design bureau in the Soviet Union.  It was more maneuvable that its American counterpart but the American pilots were better trained.  Although it is rumored that one of the best Korean aces was actually a Russian pilot.
 The F-84 Sabre Jet.  This was the American answer to the MiG.  Many of the American pilots were better trained than their North Korean counterparts because they had experience in World War II.  I forget what the kill ratio was but it was incredible.
And the P-80 Shooting Star which was the first American production jet.

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