Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Bridges of Kent County - Whites Bridge

Next up was Whites Bridge.  It is on the same river as the Fallasburg Bridge and a few miles away.  It is at the end of a dirt road.
 I saw this barn as I was heading to the bridge.  Based on the nameplate on the side of the barn, it seems that it has been around since 1873.  But that may refer to the farm.
 This is the third bridge at this location.  Before that, this was used as a fording spot and the area is named Whites Crossing after the people that settled the area.
 This bridge was built by Jared Bresse who was the same person that built the Fallasburg Bridge.  Construction was completed in 1871.  In order to cut costs, second hand lumber was used.  Repairs were made to the bridge in 1995.  It was again damaged in 2010, but repairs were made.  If I had taken a better picture, you can tell where some of those repairs were made.
The bridge uses the same truss system as the Fallasburg Bridge.  It almost has as much grafitti.

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