Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Tim S. Dool Passes St. Clair

The next ship up is the Tim S. Dool.  I've seen her before but it was kind of late in the evening and the pictures weren't so great.  I'm kind of suprised I haven't seen her more but that is the way of things on the Lakes sometimes.
 The Tim S. Dool started her life as the Senneville in 1967 at the Saint John Shipbuilding and Dry Dock company.  She was originally built for the Mohawk Navigation Company.  The Senneville was the second ship to operate on the Great Lakes that would have all of her accomodations aft.
 She was built using the lightest possible steel that would pass Coast Guard inspections.  This allowed her to maximize her cargo capacity.  Her first voyage was with iron ore destined for Cleveland, Ohio.
 In 1970, she was managed by the Scott Misener Steamships Company.   She would be the first vessel to pass downbound through the Welland Canal Bypass.  She would also hold the record for carrying rye in 1975.
 In 1980, she was acquired by the Pioneer Shipping Company, but she would still be managed by Misener.
 In 1994, she was acquired by Algoma Central and renamed Algoville. 
 In 1996, she was widened and had some other modifications. 
 She has a length of 730 feet and is 77 feet wide.  She has a carrying capacity of 31,000 tons.
In 2008, she was given her current name.

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