Sunday, December 30, 2012

Detroit Lions Vs. Da Bears

My dad and I decided to go the Lions game.  This is only my second Lions game at Ford Field.  The first time I went, they gave me a problem over my camera and I couldn't get in.  The second time, they gave me a minor problem over my camera but they let me in.  This time, I decided to use my smallest lens but they still gave me a minor problem.  Before the game I looked on their website and my camera falls within their restrictions.  Funny thing is that if I had a point and shoot super zoom, there would be no problem but since my camera looks "professional", I must be going in there to take pictures to sell.  Never mind that the pictures you get from the stands are nowhere near as good as the ones from the field but still.

So because of that, I didn't take too many game shots.
 The Lions play in Ford Field in Downtown Detroit.  It is across the street from Comerica Park (who don't give me problems over my camera).  It was originally planned to be an outdoor stadium but the decided on a dome.  Ground was broken in 1999 and the stadium officially opened in 2002.  Super Bowl XL was hosted here in 2006.  The stadium seats 65,000 people which is probably the average number of tickets sold at the Silverdome on a game day.  This minimizes the chances of a TV blackout because the game didn't sell out.
 The Chicago Bears punting.  We didn't see this enough during the game.
 Another overall shot of the stadium.  It is actually a pretty nice stadium.  The field is made out of "Field Turf" which behaves mostly like grass but it made from recycled tires and plastic grass blades.  They use that at Rynearson and maybe one of these days, I'll get a closeup picture of it.
 The Lion championship banners in the rafters.  They are pretty sparse given that the Lions are one of the earlier teams in the league.  The last time they won a championship was in 1957 which is before I was born.  Heck, my dad would have been 11 then.
 The skyboxes and some of the retired numbers.  Given the number of crappy teams that the Lions have fielded, it's no surprise they don't have more.
 Nick Harris punting.  We saw this far too often.
 The Dunkin Donuts race.  One of the ways they entertain the fans.
Jason Hanson putting the ball through the uprights.  He broke his own record for Lions points.
 This was one of two Stafford fumbles.  The  Lions had a total of four turnovers.
 The Lions would bring these flags out after a score.
 I wanted a shot of Ford Field with something going on.
 Calvin Johnson after catching a ball.  He was 36 yards short of being the first player to have 2000 receiving yards in a season.  After last week's game, he holds the record for single season receiving.
 Stafford about to pass.  He has a very unorthodox style of passing.  He's more of a sidearm passer.
 Will Heller after catching a touchdown pass.
 The flags coming out.
 Someone singing the Lions fight song.
 I liked the Old English D for the D-fence thing.
 Chicago in the victory formation.
 The postgame handshake.
Chicago ending up winning 26 to 24.  The Lions made a game out of it despite their 4 turnovers.

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