Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Detroit Police Headquarters

This is a building I've been meaning to take pictures of for a while.  Since we took Beaubien Street to get back to the car, we passed right by the Detroit Police Station.  Since it is an Albert Kahn building, I wanted pictures of it.  Now that I've looked at them, I need to go back on a warmer day.
 The Detroit Police Headquarters was built in 1923.  You can see some of the stylings of Albert Kahn in the building itself.
 I like the look of the front door, even though it looks like it has seen better  days.
 A shield above the door.  Again, I'll have to come back when it is warmer.
 Some of the decorations on the building itself.
One more shot before moving on.

I think there are plans to move the headquarters from this building to the old MGM building after it is remodeled.

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