Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Roger Blough Passes Port Huron

So the Roger Blough finally caught up to me in Port Huron.  I was orignally going to catch her at the Maritime Center but then I decided I would get better pictures at the park near the Bluewater Bridge. 
And this shot is why I wanted to go to the park.  It's not often that I can get headshots of ships and I think the Blough makes one of the more impressive headshots out there.
She also cuts a pretty nice profile.
I already talked about her pilothouse.
As she approaches the Bridge.
And a shot with the Bridge.
Then I decided to head up to the park that sits next to the Fort Gratiot lighthouse.  I kind of liked the idea of framing her.
A shot of her out on Lake Huron.
And one more.  I hope that I get another chance to see her.

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