Monday, December 10, 2012

The Badger at Rest

It wouldn't be a trip to Ludington without some pictures of the Badger.
 The Badger is an automobile ferry that goes between Ludington, MI and Manitowoc, WI.  I believe it is one of the last coal fired vessels on the Lakes and that may be its undoing.
 The ship next to her is her sister ship, the Spartan.  The Badger was built in 1953 to transport railroad cars between Michigan and Wisconsin.  I believe she was owned by the original Ann Arbor Railroad.  She remained in service in that role until 1990.
 In 1991, she was bought by a man named Charles Conrad who converted to an automobile ferry.  It has been in service in that role ever since.  However, because she's coal fired, last season might have been her last.
 Looking at the Badger in the rearview mirror.  I hope that she will be sailing next season.
One more view.

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Christopher List said...

They actually have a map in the onboard museum showing the link with the Ann Arbor RR.