Thursday, March 29, 2018

Chasing the Dream but Catching the Queen

I saw that the Royal Jordanian and the Air France 787s would be heading to Detroit Metro tonight.  Even though it was raining, I decided to head over there to catch some pictures.  I actually like some weather in my shots.
 The planes were coming in from the south, so I headed over to the parking deck to catch them from there.  This 757 was taxiing after it arrived from Atlanta. 
 A Spirit Airlines A319 arriving from Orlando.  Even though Spirit is one of the budget airlines, I do like their livery.  It is nice to see some other colors besides white.
 An A330 belonging to Delta arriving from Amsterdam.
 It makes the turn towards the gate, giving me a headshot.
 I think this A319 was arriving from Charlotte.
 A Socata TBM 850 preparing to take off.  It was heading to the Eagle Creek Airpark in Indianapolis.  This plane was developed jointly by the Mooney Aircraft Company and the French Company Socata.  It was designed from the Mooney 301 which was low powered.  This plane had its first flight in 1988.  It is equipped with a Pratt and Whitney PT6A-66D turboprop rated at 850 hp.  It has a maximum speed of 330 knots.
 A Delta Embrear 170 getting ready to take off.  There is a CRJ in the background.  This plane was heading to Lexington, KY.
 A Delta 757-300 getting ready to head to Orlando.  Looking at the weather map tonight, it looks like they are not going to have a fun ride tonight.
A Jet Blue A320 wearing Boston Red Sox livery arriving from Boston.
 The 757 making it's takeoff roll.
 A Delta 737 getting ready to head to Fort Lauderdale.
 An MD-88 arriving from Tampa.
 A Cessna Citation Excel getting ready to take off.
 An E145 arriving from LaGuardia.
A 757-300 arriving from Orlando.  I like the fact that I caught some vapor trails as it landed.
A headshot.
 A Spirit A320 arriving from Atlanta.
 N585NW taxiing to the gate.
 After missing the final Delta Queen Flight, I thought that I would never see a 747 again but it appears that Lufthansa is flying them to Detroit right now.
 That makes me very happy, because I like this plane.
 A beacon shot.
 A Spirit A320 arriving from Tampa.
 Unfortunately, they had both Dreamliners land on one of the 4s.  I was not in a position to get a good shot of it.  But I still caught the Royal Jordanian 787.
 A Delta A320 arriving from Fort Myers, FL.
 A Spirit A320 arrving from LaGuardia.
 A 757 arriving from Cleveland.  I think this might have been a charter flight, but I'm not sure who it is carrying.
 The A350 arriving from Atlanta.  I think this might have been a repositioning flight.
And one more shot of her.

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