Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Chasing the Dreamliners

I found out that Air France was starting it's 787 service to Detroit.  I also found out that the Royal Jordanian 787 would be arriving in the evening.  Since both were arriving at a time when I could catch them, I decided to head over to the airport.
 First up was a CRJ-200 that was arriving from MBS Airport which is situated between Midland, Bay City and Saginaw.  It also happens to be the airport code.
 I decided to start on the west side of the airport so that I could catch the A350 that was arriving from Beijing.  I like the A350 because it kind of reminds me of the 787 but not quite.
 This CRJ-900 was flying in from Elmira.
 An Airbus A319 arriving from Monterrey, Mexico.
 It was followed by a CRJ-200 from Ottawa.
 It was a good night for 757s as well.  First up was the 757 arriving from Atlanta.
 A 757 arriving from Cancun on my runway.
 this A320 was coming in from Beantown.
 It was followed by a CRJ-900 from Portland, Maine.
 A CRJ-700 arriving from Manchester.
 It seems like it wouldn't spotting at Detroit Metro without seeing at least one CRJ.  This CRJ-200 came from Rochester.
 you can never see too many CRJs.  This one arrived from Columbus.
 I actually love this livery because it gives some nice color in the sea of white.  It is a Spirit Airlines A319 from Orlando.
 A 737 arriving from Dallas.
 My runway had an A319 from Charlotte.
 This is livery that I don't think I've seen before.  It is Miami Air and it was arriving from Pittsburgh.  Miami Air International is a charter airline based in Miami.  It was founded in 1990.  It's callsign is Biscayne.
 A CRJ-900 from Cleveland.
 And a CRJ-200 from Birmingham.
 This plane was kind of neat.  I normally don't see passenger jets landing on 21R, but did one did and it nearly flew over my head.
 An A321 from Atlanta.
 Another 757, this one was coming from John Wayne Airport.  I guess Delta has a direct to SNA flight from DTW now.
 The first plane that I was waiting for...
 ...the Royal Jordanian 787-8 coming from Amman, Jordan by way of Montreal.
 A Beechcraft belonging to University of Tennessee.
 A 757-300 arriving from Orlando.
 This is the other plane that I was waiting for.  This was a 787-9 belonging to Air France.  The 787-9 is 200 feet longer than the 787-8.  It can carry 38 more passengers at 7,600 miles compared to 7,300 for the 787-8. 
 This flight was arriving from Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris.
 It was followed by a 717 from Raleigh-Durham.
 An A320 arriving from Tampa.
 An MD-88 from Baltimore.
And I ended the night with a 757, but I'm not sure where it was flying from.

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