Monday, March 5, 2018

Watching the Dreamliner

So I decided to make a brief stop at the airport today.  The sun was shining but it was a bit on the cold side.
 The winds were blowing to the south which meant the planes would becoming in from the south.  That also meant that I would be spotting from the parking deck.
 It's not a bad spot really.  Gives me some different angles on the planes.
 The beacon lighting up.
 A whiff of smoke at the Royal Jordanian 787 flies from Amman, Jordan via Montreal.
 Some fun facts, the Amman to Montreal leg of the flight is 5,638 miles long.  It took 11 hours and 55 minutes to complete.  The average speed was 472 miles per hour.  The plane reached an altitude of almost 40,000 feet.
 The  Montreal to Detroit leg was a little bit short.  It was a mere 1 hour and 49 minutes.  The plane flew at a speed of 533 miles per hour and reached 36,000 feet.
 A neat shot as it approaches the gate.
 N657NK was an Airbus 321 belonging to Spirit Airlines.  It was arriving from Fort Lauderdale.
 The A321 reminds me of a 757...but still not as pretty.
 I was surprised by this Cessna Citation II.
 This 757-300 was arriving from Orlando.
 It seems like I have a few pictures of this flight.
 A little bit of smoke as it touches down.
 And it turns for the gate.
 I was trying to get a head shot.  But I didn't quite get it.
 Another Spirit A321.  This particular one was heading to Las Vegas.
 This 737 was on its way to Atlanta.
 This A320 was arriving from Reagan Airport in Washington DC.
 A Delta 737 arriving from Tampa.
 This 717 was coming from Newark.
 And this 717 arrived from JFK.
A Delta A321 but I'm not sure where it came from.  The sky, I guess.

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