Monday, March 26, 2018

It's Hard to Soar Like an Eagle...

...when you work with Turkeys.
 As I was going to get my coffee, I saw two of these guys outside of our cafeteria.  I was waffling about whether I wanted to get my proper camera or not.  I would have liked this picture more if I didn't have the reflections on the window.
 Usually when I see a turkey, they start to run away.  But these turkeys didn't seem to run way, so  I grabbed my camera.  I was amazed at how close to the window they stayed.  This turkey would occasionally peck at the window.
 The other one would wander up and wander away.
 These are ugly but neat looking birds.
 Another shot of his head.

 Fanning his tailfeathers.
From a distance, they look nice though.

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