Monday, March 19, 2018

Hanging Out With the Heavies

It was a nice enough day yesterday, so I decided to head over to the airport to catch some of the heavies.  I was hoping to catch the Lufthansa 747 since that usually comes early in the afternoon.
 My first plane was a CRJ-900 that was flying in from Cleveland.
 That was followed by a CRJ-700 from Myrtle Beach.
 While this may look like a CRJ, it is in fact an ERJ-145 made by Embrear out of Brazil.
 A Cessna Citation Sovereign coming in for a landing.  I'm not sure where it was arriving from.
 An MD-90 arriving from Salt Lake City on the other runway.
 A CRJ-200 coming in from Harrisburg, PA.
 My first heavy was the 777 that was arriving from Atlanta.  I think these are pretty neat looking planes.  Almost like a fuselage with engines.
 It was followed closely by the 767 arriving from London.
 A 737 arriving from Houston.
 Next up was an A330 from Amsterdam.
 An Embrear 190 arriving from Monterrey.  I like this livery.  I kind of wish I would have stuck around to catch the 737.
 Another 777 arriving from Shanghai.
 I think this is an A319.  I don't remember where it was coming from but I liked the picture.
 A CJR-200 arriving from Lansing.  I think this flight spent more time on the ground than in the air.
 Another CRJ coming in from ORD.
 A Boeing 717 arriving from Minneapolis.
 I decided to stick around because there were some 757s coming in.
 This one came in from San Diego.
 It was followed by a 757 from Fort Myers.
 One of the few planes without winglets.
And I finished with a 717 but I don't remember where it was coming from.

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