Friday, February 26, 2021

And the Algosea

 So what winter lacks in variety, it makes up for in coolness.  There is something about watching a ship break through the ice.  It's even cooler when you can hear it.  Although, I think the ship may have been too far away from me.

So the ship in question was the Algosea.
And she belongs to Algoma Tankers which in turn belongs to Algoma Central.
Like I said in another, there is usually a handful of ships that run through the winter.
There are usually a couple of freighters that are doing salt runs.
And there are always tankers making fuel runs.  
This particular one is headed to Nanticoke.
I think she is carrying fuel oil.
Like I said in the last post, I think she has some capability of breaking ice on her own.
But I don't think it is that much.
It was nice to see a ship on a nice sunny day.
Even if it was cold.
She continues past Belle Isle.
And one more shot.

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